Source code for ripozo.resources.fields.base

Contains the base field that
every other field should inherits from..
from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import unicode_literals

import warnings

from ripozo.resources.fields.validations import validate_type, validate_size,\
    translate_iterable_to_single, validate_required, basic_validation

[docs]class BaseField(object): """ The BaseField class is simply an abstract base class that defines the necessary methods for casting and validating a field. """ field_type = object def __init__(self, name, required=False, maximum=None, minimum=None, arg_type=None, error_message=None): warnings.warn('The BaseField class is deprecated and will' 'be removed in v2.0.0. Please use' ' the ripozo.resources.fields.field.Field class.', DeprecationWarning) = name self.required = required self.maximum = maximum self.minimum = minimum self.arg_type = arg_type self.error_message = error_message
[docs] def translate(self, obj, skip_required=False, validate=False): """ A shortcut method to _translate and _validate the object that is being passed in. It returns this object or raises a ValueError. :param object obj: :return: The translated and validated object :rtype: object :raises: ripozo.exceptions.ValidationsException :raises: ripozo.exceptions.TranslationException """ obj = self._translate(obj, skip_required=skip_required) if validate: obj = self._validate(obj, skip_required=skip_required) return obj
def _translate(self, obj, skip_required=False): """ This method is responsible for translating an input string or object. :param object obj: The input from the request that is being translated :param bool skip_required: This is being ignored for now :return: The object in the appropriate form :rtype: object :raises: ripozo.exceptions.TranslationException """ return translate_iterable_to_single(obj) def _validate(self, obj, skip_required=False): """ An object to be validated :param object obj: :param bool skip_required: If this is set to True then the required statement will be skipped regardless of whether the field is actually required or not. This is useful for circumstances where you want validations to run and the field is normally required but not in this case. See the restmixins.Update for an example. :return: The same exact object simple validated. :rtype: object :raises: ripozo.exceptions.ValidationException """ return basic_validation(self, obj, skip_required=False) def _validate_required(self, obj, skip_required=False): """ Deteremines whether validation should be skipped because the input is None and the field is not required. :param object obj: :param bool skip_required: This validation will be skipped if skip_required is ``True`` :return: The original object unmodified :rtype: object """ return validate_required(self, obj, skip_required=skip_required) def _validate_size(self, obj, obj_size, msg=None): """ Validates the size of the object. :param Sized obj_size: The size of the object. This must be an object that is comparable, i.e. it must be comparable via ">" and "<" operators :param msg: The message to display if the object fails validation :type msg: unicode :returns: The validated object :rtype: object :raises: ValidationException """ return validate_size(self, obj, obj_size, minimum=self.minimum, maximum=self.maximum, msg=msg) def _validate_type(self, obj, msg=None): """ Validates that is object matches the classes field_type. :param object obj: :return: The validated object :rtype: object """ return validate_type(self, self.field_type, obj, msg=msg)
[docs]def translate_fields(request, fields=None, skip_required=False, validate=False): """ Performs the specified action on the field. The action can be a string of either _translate, _validate, or translate. :param RequestContainer request: The request that you are attempting to translate from. :param list fields: The list of BaseField instances that are supposed to be validated. Only items in this list will be translated and validated :param bool skip_required: A flag that indicates the required fields are not required. This is helpful for updates where fields are not usually required. :param bool validate: A flag that indicates whether the field validations should be run. If not, it will just translate the fields. :return: Returns the translated url_params, query_args and body_args :rtype: tuple :raises: RestException :raises: ValidationException :raises: TranslationException """ updated_url_params = request.url_params updated_query_args = request.query_args updated_body_args = request.body_args fields = fields or [] for field in fields: field_name_in_request = in request if not field_name_in_request and skip_required: continue field_value = field.translate(request.get(, None, location=field.arg_type), skip_required=skip_required, validate=validate) if field_name_in_request: request.set(, field_value, location=field.arg_type) return updated_url_params, updated_query_args, updated_body_args